NEI Price List
January, 2013

Precision Cast Bullet Molds

NEI Handtools, Inc
PO Box 370356
El Paso, TX 79937-0356
Tel: (915) 772-0259

$100.00   1 & 2  Cavity Aluminum Molds (up to .500 or long bullets)                                NOT IN STOCK
$100.00   Large Caliber 1 Cavity (.458 and up.700" ) Call for Large Bore                        NOT IN STOCK
$150.00   1 Cavity Meehanite Tall Block Mold 1.4 to 1.8 or extra thick diameter
$175.00   2  Cavity Meehanite Tall Block Mold 1.4 to 1.8 or extra thick diameter
$200.00   3 Meehanite Tall Block Mold 1.4 to 1.8 on a 4 cavity block
$220.00   4 Cavity Meehanite Tall Block Mold 1.4 to 1.8 on a 4 cavity block
$150.00   1 Cavity Hollow Base Nose Pour Meehanite (H.B. only as indicated on catalog)
$195.00   2 Cavity Hollow Base Nose Pour  Meehanite (H.B. only as indicated on catalog)
$150.00   2, 3 or 4 Cavities regular Aluminum Mold   (up to .454 -  4 cavity block)           NOT IN STOCK
$160.00   2, 3 or 4 Cavities regular Meehanite Mold   (up to .454 -  4 cavity block)
$160.00   4, 5 or 6 Cavities regular Aluminum Mold   (up to .454 - on a 6 cavity block)   NOT IN STOCK
$200.00   4, 5 or 6 Cavities regular Meehanite Mold   (up to .454 - on a 6 cavity block)
$110.00   1 & 2  Cavity Molds in Meehanite Blocks
$150.00   Single Cavity Nose Pour Meehanite
$175.00   Double Cavity Nose Pour Meehanite (bullets that are 1.350" OAL + ONLY)
$20.00   Extra for two different cuts
$20.00   Extra for two different weights
$160.00   Single Cavity Custom Tall Mold Block (over 1.8 in - 50 caliber BMG, etc
$240.00   Double Cavity Custom Tall Mold Block
    Custom moulds - NEI not responsible if you order the wrong item * Understand this prior to order
      Designs will be cut as close as possible, if your too picky try someone else, avoid problems
CALL NEI   Special Tall/Large 2 Cavity Molds & Hollow Base
    Shipping Charge: US $12.00 first mold, and $3.00 each additional. International $25.00 and $5.00 each additional. Up to 4 lbs total  weight for International.
Top Punches     RCBS/LYMAN   $14.00        
                  STAR/SAECO   $20.00        
Mold Prep     2 oz   $10.00        
Casting Flux     8 oz   $10.00        
                  16 oz   $20.00        
Mold Handles     RCBS   $50.00        
New Modified Handles     RCBS   $75.00        
SP Lube     2 oz   $10.00        
Custom Cherries     Many great designs have been the "brain child" of knowledgeable shooters. All designs will be evaluated. If it proves to be ballistically questionable, we will decline to make it
$200.00     +One mold at going price (up to .499) * see note1
$250.00 & up     +One mold at going price (50 caliber and up, priced accordingly) * see note1
                * Note 1 : The cherry is the property of NEI and will be used as a catalog item
$300.00     +One mold (up to .496) * see note2
$350.00     +One mold (over .500)* see note2
                *Note 2 : The customer keeps the cherry
CALL NEI     One of a kind or a strange design that might never be used again

Hollow point molds will not be made. Drill jigs for HP are the way to go for the few projectiles used for hunting. No proof has been issued for HP's being more accurate. NEI does not recommend nor give any loading data.

Please note that the weights are approximate and exact weights are not guaranteed . This is compounded because most of the cherries are new and the possibility of maintaining exact weight is beyond practicality. The profile or shape of the projectile should determine the ultimate use; weight is secondary. A lighter or heavier projectile can be compensated for by adjusting the charge. All weights are NOT in Linotype. Wheel                weights are usually 5% heavier and pure lead 8%. We are not responsible for typos or possible errors in graphics.

Gas check molds can be made without the gas check. The plain base version will weigh less. Subtract about 10 grains for .224 diameter up to about 25 grains for the .458 diameter. The .50 cal. will weigh 50 grains less for the plain base version.

All rifle diameters will cast from .002 to .003 over; pistol from .002 to .004 over.

CUSTOM WORK (No returns or refunds on custom design)

While I truly enjoy making new cherries and participating in the design process, I am forced to add this to the catalog to bring a few of you fellows back down to earth.

DO NOT ask for tolerances that are too tight. Any tolerances written in .001 will not be considered. There are too many variables on your end to hold such close tolerances. I can hold the cherry to them but casting variables can't hold tolerances in .001

Diameters, depending on the design, will be .001 to .003 over sizing dimension. Overall length of cast bullets will be + or - .005, Dimensions of meplat to crimp will be within .010. If it is critical, such as lever action, plan your measurement on the short side.

I cut cherries to dimensions. I can approximate weight by computer calculation which may be + or - 10%. If your criteria is exact weight add $200.00 to the cost of the cherry and send 10 lb. of your alloy. Even then it will be + or - a few grains. One way to get a close approximation of weight is to furnish a sample lead bullet with no voids, either cast or turned from your alloy.

Regarding R&D, the only change that can safely be made to the cherries is reducing the diameter by a few thousandths. Any major change to the Ogive or OAL is questionable and usually requires a new cherry. I also will not guarantee the performance of your bullet. I will give you the benefit of my experience and point out any
problems I see. Please remember that the fussier you get, the more it will cost.


DD molds can be made with or without the DD band.