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Precision Cast Bullet Molds

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all sales final * no refunds

Mold body: We use two types of mold bodies:

Aluminum: This is a very hard alloy used for high speed gears. It has excellent machining characteristics and is very durable.  NOT IN STOCK

Meehanite: This is a very dense, free machining cast iron alloy. Available

All order are custom made, please be sure you order correctly no refunds will be given for errors

Experimental designs to your specifications are final and no refunds will be allowed

If you do not agree this shop elsewhere * if order is place it is final No Refunds

Alignment Pins: The pins are made of hardened and ground tool steel. The alignment sockets are made of stainless steel. They are pressed and staked into the mold body and then line bored for perfect alignment.

Sprue Plates: Sprue plates are made of 3/16" steel, ground and stress relieved.

Molds are cherry cut, resulting in accurate multiple cavity molds. Cast diameters are .000 to .003 larger than listed diameter. Molds can be cut without the gas check or shortened from the base by any number of grease grooves. Some NEI designs may have the bands opened to slightly larger diameters. Call first. Minimum charge: $20.00

Molds in 2,3,4,6 cavities: May have different bullets (close in diameter) or different weights of one bullet.

Magma Molds: NEI designs cut in blocks. You must order from Magma
Ballistic-Cast Molds: NEI designs cut for Ballistic-Cast casting machines. Customer supplies blocks

Please Note: We do not stock molds. They are cut as orders come in.

Mold Handles: All molds fit RCBS Handles. NEW! Handles modified with spring plungers for aligning multiple cavity molds (work even better than Walt thought it would). Prevents damage to mold face due to pins not striking sockets.

Top Punches: RCBS, Lyman, Star and SAECO. Punches are cut with the same cherry as the bullet cavity and match exactly. We do not stock sizer dies.

Sprue Plate Lube: A silicon die lubricant, water soluble, quick drying. Will prevent galling.

Mold Prep: Graphite suspension used in industry for forming thermal barrier. Use in cavities and as rust preventative on iron and steel molds. Not necessary for aluminum molds.

Flux: Finest quality used in industrial foundries. Easy on the nose. NEI flux does not draw moisture to the pot.

READ THIS CATALOG BEFORE CALLING! This will reduce our Q&A time.